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On Autism:

“I use Barry Goldstein's Ambiology series as background music when providing therapy and guided imagery for clients. Recently I was working with an 11 year old autistic boy. We were trying to recreate situations that create frustration and subsequent ‘meltdowns’. When I asked him why he wasn’t feeling frustrated, my autistic client told me that it was the music. I was playing Barry’s CD, “Home”, in the background. “Eden” had the same effect later.

My client said he felt it in his brain and ears. I asked him if he knew about chakras. When he said “no” I encouraged him to ‘scan’ his body and I took him through the 7 chakra areas in his body while suggesting he feel for the music or any other sensations deep inside, yet not where the organs are. He pointed to the areas corresponding to the solar plexus and abdominal chakras and said he felt a “thrumming” that calmed him. I suggested that maybe the music connected the physical (brain, ears) with the inner (upper and lower abdomen) and he agreed. He looked so peaceful! He then suggested he was finished and when he left he gave me 3 separate long, full hugs. Thanks, Barry, for your intuitive wisdom to create music that calms and balances.”

—Judy Lipson, MA, LPC, W. Bloomfield, Michigan



During Childbirth:

"I have been involved in births since 1974. First as an obstetrical nurse, then as a woman giving birth, and now as a certified nurse midwife. Over the years I have searched for the magical sounds, rhythm and music for birth. Ambiology changes the ambience of the room into energies that support relaxation and openness to enhance the birth process. The pacing, laboring woman can change her rhythm when she connects with the "Heart". For the woman who uses breathing to go inward, the "Breath" sets the flow for her inward focus. I have experienced the magic of Ambiology and my dream is that all birth will be in light with Ambiology"

—Evelyn Simmons/CNM MS
Coordinator Midwifery Services Alivio Medical Center

At the Dentist:

“I had the necessity to visit a local dentist on a couple of occasions in North Carolina. Unfortunately he had a reputation for being brutally rough with his patients, but since I had a dental emergency and no one else in the area could see me right away, it seemed at the time that I had no choice but to accept an appointment with him.

I got to thinking how I would maintain my space—my internal balance while sitting in this dentist's chair. Since I was traveling, I had my Walkman with me, and of course, your Ambiology CDs. The music of the Ambiology series is both uplifting and heart opening while at the same time, it takes me to places that somewhere in my consciousness are familiar and feel like home.

So I put in CD # 3 (Journey) and off I went to that place of comfort—relaxed and joyful—and the appointment with the dentist went faster and easier than I could have imagined. Thank you, Barry, for sending a part of your heart out into the world. Your music is beyond wonderful; it is vital.”

—Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, host of The Dr Meg Show on Shirley Maclaine Radio, Author of "Pyramids of Light: Awakening to Multi-Dimensional Realities" and “Children of Now”

On a Root Canal Procedure:

“I credit Ambiology for making a recent root canal procedure a calm and surprisingly relaxed one. You see, upon finding out I'd need a root canal, people shared so many painful accounts of their own procedures and I became nervous. I brought ‘Ambiology: The Breath’ with me, thinking it would keep me centered. Literally right before I was called in, a man let out a loud scream of pain, which increased my anxiety as I sat in the chair. I turned on Ambiology. As the doctor worked (on what he called a difficult procedure due to the minimal size of my roots), my eyes were closed and my mind just flowed with the music, dampening any anticipation of pain. I found my breathing was as regular and soft as if I was sitting in a park reading a book. I was amazed when he said we were done and I was still floating with the music having not felt any more discomfort than having my mouth propped open for an hour. And my palms were not sweaty as they'd been before we began, nor was I animated, which would have been my usual reaction to getting through a ‘scary’ thing. I felt like I'd woken from a nice afternoon nap —almost refreshed. I know it wouldn't have been the same if I'd not been listening to Ambiology”

—Annette Zito

On Dementia and Sleep Difficulties:

“In November of 2003, my 77-year mother suffered Congestive Heart Failure. She was in intensive care for 15 days—12 of which attached to a respirator. During a slow 2-month recovery, her doctor realized that the heart failure had caused some permanent damage. Because her brain had not received enough oxygen during the trauma, it had caused mom to be saddled with Dementia. She was fairly lucid but could not function as she had before her stay in the hospital, and so it was determined that it would be necessary for her to be cared for on a daily basis.
My sister and I took turns, and when it came time for her to live with me I gave her my bedroom; I slept in the living room on the couch. It’s important to mention that I live in Harlem, NY, and though it is a wonderfully “vibrant” section of the City, it’s not really the place for a now 78-year-old woman to relax and recuperate.

It was difficult for mom to sleep at night with the noise that resounded through my apartment from seemingly every direction. I decided to use Ambiology 5 to try to at least provide a sonic cushion from the street sounds. It worked from the beginning and she was able to relax and fall asleep. We made a habit of it and I put the CD on every night as she was preparing to retire. I noticed that it not only provided a sound barrier, it seemed to relax her. She came to insist that I put it on even when the streets were quiet. She was frightened and tense most of the time wondering what the future had in store for her, but when I put “her music” on, as she called it, she would close her eyes and drift into a comfortable, deep sleep. It was her moment of tranquility in a very trying time. As I would leave the room after I turned on “her music” I could see a faint smile on mom’s face as the opening chords sounded. She seemed to know that she would soon be in a comfortable place, and I can’t express to you how relieved that made me feel after all she’d been through.
Her checkups have been good, the doctor says her heart is holding up well, and the dementia is stable. I don’t know whether Ambiology 5 had anything to do with her recuperation and presently stable condition, but I do know that during the approximately 15 minutes it took her to fall asleep every night, she was happy, relaxed and pain free. As her son, I’m deeply grateful for that.”

—Phil Veneziano/CEO Solatus Entertainment

For Focusing:

"Knowing Barry Goldstein has been a true blessing in my life. His music and his
workshops are wonderful growth experiences that delve into issues and concerns
we all share. His "Ambiology" series of CDs has been a tremendous help to me
while going through periods of intense growth. I listen to them not only for
relaxation, but have found them to be particularly useful when I have to focus on
complex material. Beautifully written and musically mature!

—Susan Siesla/ Executive Director of Fond du Lac Center for Spirituality & Healing

Pre/During/Post Hysterectomy:

“I recently underwent major surgery—a hysterectomy. Through an experimental research program conducted by Terry Champagne, OR Nursing Director of Danbury Hospital, Connecticut, I was permitted to listen to soothing music with earphones pre-surgery, during the procedure, and post-op in my hospital room. The harmonic frequencies aided tremendously in reducing my physical trauma and emotional stress by blocking the impersonal clinical atmosphere and conversation while under anesthesia.

Barry Goldstein’s music Ambiology 1, The Heart, worked wonders! The speed of my hospital recovery was miraculous. The nurses were surprised to see me up on my own and walking the hallways so soon. I was released from the hospital in fine shape a day

At home following my surgery, I listened to Barry’s music to induce rest and sleep. During the day I listened to his music as a healing meditation to assuage my feelings of loss. Again, the speed of my recovery surprised my doctors. Now, four months have
passed since my surgery and I still benefit from the deep healing and lovely heart-space carried within Barry’s gentle compositions.

Thank you Barry, for your pioneering efforts in bringing this much-needed humanitarian approach to allopathic medicine. Patients and professionals alike will benefit as your concepts and music become a complementary practice to standard healing
procedures in doctor offices and hospitals nationwide. I highly recommend Barry Goldstein’s Ambiology Music Series.”

—Heather Firth


On Animals, too:

“I am a Reiki Master Teacher and a Certified Veterinary Technician who works with humans and animals alike. Barry Goldstein has created magic with his Ambiology CD series. His music frees both the practitioner and the patient to quiet the mind and integrate the heart and spirit. Using it before and after surgery has calmed the hearts of many. Barry’s music is an important part of all therapy sessions, and is therapy all by itself. This is definitely the music of choice for healing sessions no matter what the species”.

—Terry Shand RMT/CVT Reiki-Veterinary Science